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Year 5/6 (2020 - 2021)

Remote education and Homework:

In Year 5/6, we will be using: Century for home learning and homework.



Homework tasks will be found in the due assignments section on the home screen and they will be set on a Monday and due the following Monday.


Remote Education:

In the event of self-isolation or bubble closure, you will find a weekly remote education plan clearly labelled below on our class page. On the plan, it will tell you what to complete and on what day. If you see the word nugget, then this is an activity to complete on Century. If the word nugget is not present, there will be an explanation of the task to complete. 


When you log on to Century, along the left hand side you will see a my courses tab (second one down). If you click on that it will show you all of the different subject areas. Click on the desired subject area (e.g. year 5 maths, year 6 maths, science etc) and then you will see a range of nuggets (lessons). Find the nugget that is labelled on the plan and complete. 


If you have completed your home learning but want to do more, you can access more work in the my pathway section. You can do as much as you like.  

We would like to offer our Year 5 and 6 children a big warm welcome back to school. We are so excited to have you all back and we cannot wait for what the year will bring. Please find attached below our Year 5/6 class letter where you will find lots of information which will help you prepare for the year ahead.