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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!
Mrs Heather Taylor - Headteacher
Mrs Louise Carberry - Deputy Head/Year 1/2 teacher

Mrs Kerry Jardine - Early Years teacher
Mrs Lauren Holden - Early Years teacher

Miss Joanne Barton - Early Years teacher (covering maternity)

Mrs Lisa Newton - Year 1/2 teacher & SENCo

Mrs Jade Grindey - Year 1/2 teacher P/T

Miss Claire Sutton - Year 1/2 teacher

Mrs Jan Robinson - Year 3/4 tecaher
Miss Rebecca Adamson - Year 3/4 teacher
Miss Rebecca Kemp - Year 3/4 teacher

Mr Andrew Robinson- Year 5/6 teacher

Mr Jake Nicklin - Year 5/6 teacher

Mrs Helen Harrison - Year 5/6 teacher P/T

Mr David Henderson - Year 5/6 teacher P/T


CLUB DP Staff:

Mrs Jayne Ryder - Manager and Finance/bookings

Mrs Bushra Shaikh - Deputy Manager

Mrs Lucy Mitchell - Deputy Manager

Mrs Gaynor Marshall - Deputy Manager & Playworker

Miss Shauna Goodier - Playworker


Picture 1 Mrs Heather Taylor, Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Louise Carberry, Deputy Head, Y1/2 teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Lisa Newton Y1/2 teacher, SENCo
Picture 4 Mrs Lauren Holden, Early Years teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Kerry Jardine, Early Years Teacher
Picture 6 Miss Joanne Barton, Early Years Teacher
Picture 7 Miss Claire Sutton, Y1/2 Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Jade Grindey Year 1/2 Teacher (P/T)
Picture 9 Mrs Jaine Sleem, Teaching Assistant KS1
Picture 10 Mrs Jan Robinson, Year 3/4 teacher
Picture 11 Miss Rebecca Adamson, Year 3/4 teacher
Picture 12 Miss Becky Kemp, Year 3/4 teacher
Picture 13 Mr Andrew Robinson, Year 5/6 teacher
Picture 14 Mr Jake Nicklin, Year 5/6 teacher
Picture 15 Mrs Helen Harrison, Y5/6 teacher (P/T)
Picture 16 Mrs Susan Willis, Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs Fleur Bennett, Teaching Assistant KS1 , French
Picture 18 Mrs Gaynor Marshall, SEN Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Mrs Amanda Hughes, SEN Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Mrs Bushra Awan, KS2 Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs Carol Breegan, SEN Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs Laura Hartley, SEN Teaching Assistant and SaLT
Picture 23 Mrs Carole Stone, School Bursar
Picture 24 Mrs Jayne Ryder, Admin Assistant
Picture 25 Mr Wilf Burgess, Site Maintenance Officer