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Hello and welcome back to Reception from

Miss Sutton and Miss Barnes!


 Welcome to the Spring term! The children discovered a robot that had crash landed in their outdoor area and they decided they wanted to find out more. So the children have chosen 'Robots' as our next topic, which they are really enthusiastic about!  We are going to be exploring lots of different technology and finding out how different robots work! We are excited about investigating our new role play area 'The Robot Factory!' Where we will be making our own robots from different construction and malleable materials.  





For our topic this half term we will be investigating the question 'How do robots help us?' Throughout this topic we will be reading a variety of robot stories, learning about real life robots and creating our own robots.







In PE, we will be focusing on ball skills. We will be doing PE on a Friday afternoon with Mrs Bennett and Mr Henderson.







All the important information can be found at the bottom of our page...



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The fiction and non-fiction books we will be sharing with the children this half term are:

The fiction and non-fiction books we will be sharing with the children this half term are: 1
The fiction and non-fiction books we will be sharing with the children this half term are: 2
The fiction and non-fiction books we will be sharing with the children this half term are: 3
The fiction and non-fiction books we will be sharing with the children this half term are: 4

Reception Reading Afternoon Tuesday 24th September at 2:45. 

Information from the session is below.

Reading and Phonics in Reception

Useful information for parents to know....


Milk and fruit: Each afternoon the children receive a drink of milk. The government provide 1/3 of a pint free for each child each day until they are 5 years old. During the afternoon each day we also have a fruit or vegetable snack, this again is a government initiative where all children in the Reception and Infant classes have a healthy snack.




Homework- Reading is our key homework focus in Reception. Please read with your child on a regular basis and note in his/her contact book any comments. As well as reading your child's school reading books with them also spend time with your child sharing favourite stories and books from home. 
'I Can' books- These books are sent home with the children every day and they are a way of allowing children to practise skills they have learnt in school. This could be anything from baking cakes, riding their bike, to practising their numbers and letters. You can record this in any way such as: taking pictures, children writing inside or you could write what they have done. These will be checked every Monday and Friday by the class teacher. 
High Frequency Words- In addition to reading books we also send home different lists of words that appear most frequent in children's literature. Please help your child to learn to read these words. Some of them will be on key rings and you can help your child to blend and sound out these words. Other High Frequency Words will be on bookmarks and we call these the 'Tricky' words; please help your child to learn these words from sight without sounding out the sounds. When the children know all of these words they are able to read much quicker and more fluently meaning they can gain a lot more pleasure from reading!


Star Assembly- This is an assembly where each class teacher chooses a child which has stood out for a particular reason. This may be using good manners, being a kind friend, showing resilience and many other things. Each Reception child will have a turn at this.

Secret Reader- This is where we invite parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties or any other family member into our class to read to the children on a Monday afternoon. A letter will be sent out to explain this further.

Jedi Writer Award- This is an award given in class by the Reception Teachers. It is awarded to a child that has been trying hard with their fine motor skills and using the correct pencil grip. The teacher’s will observe the children in handwriting lessons and choosing times and a child will be awarded on a Friday morning.

Author Award- This award will start when the children have started developing their writing skills. Children that have a go at the story writing challenge will be picked out of a hat at the end of the week and will receive a prize.

Challenges- In Reception we have many set challenges for the children to complete by choice. We have a writing challenge, fine motor challenge, phonics challenge and maths challenge. Each of these are targeted to the child’s interests. Once a child completes a challenge they will put their name into the challenge pot (the more times they do it the more chance they have of winning) and the teachers will pick out a name randomly at the end of the week.

Phonics folders- Once your child starts to learn phonics they will begin to recognise sounds and work on reading words. Your child will learn 4 new sounds a week; for each of these sounds they will be given a letter formations sheet to complete at home. If there are no new sounds in your child’s folder this will be a recap week so there is no need to worry about filling them in.

Tricky words and blendable key rings- Your child will be given a bookmark with tricky words on to learn at home. They will also be given a key ring with words to blend on.

Non- Negotiables- Please ensure that you read 3 times a week with your child and record it in their contact book. Please also complete the phonics sheets in their folders for the following Thursday. If your child completes all of their homework they will receive a reward at the end of each term. 



R Timetable


Monday: Contact books checked
We change our reading books

'I Can' books checked and assessed



Tuesday:  Contact books checked

Wednesday: Contact books checked


Thursday: Contact books checked




Friday: Contact books checked
We change our reading books
'I Can' books checked and assessed

Phonics homework given and checked

PE day













PE is on a Friday afternoon, please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school for this day.

Please send your child into school everyday with a named water bottle.

Book bags need to be named and in school everyday containing your child's contact book, reading book, I Can book and phonics booklet.