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Update June 10th school re-opening to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

June 10th 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


In line with the latest guidance issued today from Cheshire East we are going ahead with the planned wider opening of school to children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. School will continue to open for children of key workers and vulnerable pupils, as it has been since March 23rd.


The dates for these year groups are as follows:

Reception – w/b June 15 until July 22  (9.00am-2.00pm)

Year 1 - w/b June 22 until July 22 (9.30am-2.30pm)

Year 6 - w/b June 29 until July 22 (10.00am-3.15pm)


Please refer to the letter sent out on May 20th  and FAQ page (both on the school website) for further information e.g school lunches, school uniform, routines etc.


Thanks to all who completed the survey, which has now closed.  Following numbers gathered from the survey sent out, we have now grouped the children into their “bubbles“. As we anticipate we will have less than 50% of the children in school from each year group, the children will not necessarily be with their own class group. If more children start back at school at a later date, they will not have been accounted for in these current groupings and we may well end up having to create new “bubbles” as we cannot have more than 15 children in one group. Although we had previously said that children can return to school at a later date with only 24 hours notice, having had lower numbers in than we first planned for, we may not now be able to accommodate additional children at very short notice. This would happen if we were having to create a new group when it would be impractical to do so with just one child. Please be aware of this should you choose to send your child back at a date later than the published start date for your year group. It may be that you would have to wait for a while before a new “bubble” could be created. We have taken names from the survey we sent out in May.


June 15th : Reception children can all be in their usual classroom as we only have 15 children coming in.


June 22nd : Year 1 children will now be using just the two ground floor new classrooms. We will not be using either of the two upstairs classrooms at this point.


June 29th: Year 6 will be using just two of the usual three classrooms.


In order to minimise the number of adults in the playground at any one time we will use the staggered start and finish times shown above. Please try and bring your child to school on your own if you possibly can.  We will not be able to open the path around the side of school which is usually used for buggy access. This is because we cannot allow parents to pass through Disley under Fives area. All parents will need to use the large ramp/drive off the A6 if they need to avoid steps. The gate and path near the co-op entrance will just be for parents of children going to Disley under Fives.


Year 1 children in Red Class will be split between Blue and Yellow class. Red class teachers will be emailing those parents next week who have said their children will be coming in to let them know which group they will be joining.


We look forward to seeing you very soon!


Kind regards,


Heather Taylor and Louise Carberry