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School re-opening in September

Reopening of school in September


Dear Parents and Carers,


Following government guidance issued at the end of last week we can now confirm that ALL children will be back in school from September 3rd. 


We will be grouping children into part – Key Stage bubbles. There  will be four bubbles in school – Reception, Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. This is in keeping with guidance to schools and will ensure that we can teach a broad and balanced curriculum as usual. Children will not mix during the day with other  bubbles. Social distancing is not expected for children within a bubble. Our current hygiene arrangements will still be in place i.e. frequent hand washing and more regular cleaning of equipment and furniture.


As advised by the DfE, we will stagger start and end times to the school day to minimise the number of adults coming into the school grounds at any one time. For your information the start and end times will be as follows:

Reception    9.15-3.30

Y1/2             8.45 - 3.00

Y3/4             9.00 - 3.15

Y5/6             8.30 - 2.45


For those parents who have siblings in different year groups, we understand that the staggered start and end times will cause some inconvenience. However, we have looked at several options to try and accommodate siblings arriving together, but have not been able to find a workable solution. We are hopeful that the changes we are having to make to school in September will be relatively short lived and we can resume normal hours and practices as soon as we are advised it is safe to do so.

Children will be expected to wear school uniform again in September. The requirements for daily washing of uniform/change of outfit is not required from September. 


We are still working on finalising some of the other details around the school day such as use of equipment, Club DP, PE kits, school lunches etc. We will be letting you know information about this next week.  Once our Risk Assessment is completed for the full re-opening of the school we will publish it on our school website. 


School will not be open for any pupils over the Summer holiday, but OTIS will be offering a Summer holiday club for three weeks.  It will run in the weeks beginning July 27th August 3rd and August 10th.  If you are interested in finding out more please contact Dan via his email, or through his Facebook page.


A letter about classes for next year will be sent out on Monday via the School App.  A copy will be placed on the website under Parents/Latest News.

We hope that this gives you some insight into plans that are taking place for September. Thank you once again for your patience and support over the last 4 months. We think you have all done an amazing job.


Kind regards,


Heather Taylor and Louise Carberry