Disley Primary School

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School Expansion Consultation

We are currently in a consultation period with stakeholders regarding the expansion of our school.  At present we have an admission number of 30 pupils per year group (our PAN) and we are looking to increase this to 40 pupils per year group over time.  The increase would start in September 2018 in the Reception class.  Over time our total number in school would increase from  the current published PAN of 210 to 280.  However, as we have already started to see an increase in numbers due to larger intakes and in-year admissions, we have been admitting over our PAN for the past 3 years.  Numbers in school are currently 240.  Planning permission has been granted to extend the school staff car park and build an additional 2 classrooms to accommodate this growth.

Please also see the official letter from Cheshire East Local Education Authority over the consultation in our "Community" section.