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News about future building work and the 10th classroom.

Dear parents and carers,




At long last we have news on our 10th, and final, classroom, and the news is good! We have managed to reach an agreement with Cheshire East which allows Disley Primary School to build its much needed 10th classroom, as well as providing a long term setting for pre-school provision in the village.


Over the last two years we have been in discussions with Disley under Fives about their future needs and plans, and with, Cheshire East Local Education officers and architects/planners. It has not been possible to write to you sooner as there has not been any definite news to share with you before now.


In September 2018 the school needs a 10th classroom as our numbers have increased. This will be the final phase of the planned growth for Disley school. The discussions with various parties have been around whether school should “claim back” the rooms currently being used by Disley under Fives for this classroom, as Cheshire East were not willing to fund a new-build for us. Pre-school provision in Disley is the responsibility of Cheshire East, and not the school. There is no other suitable long-term space in the village to accommodate Disley under Fives which means that pre-school provision in the village could potentially have been lost. School had identified a space on school site, near the Dane Bank Drive entrance, for Disley under Fives to be relocated to, but the local authority were not prepared to fund a new build here as the setting is run by a private provider.


After months of discussions a solution has now finally been agreed by all parties: the school kitchen and canteen will be converted to make a space for Disley under Fives to use. Our school kitchen will be relocated to where the current offices are, and the offices and staffroom will be moved to the area of school where the pre-school group are currently situated. The current staffroom (at first floor level) will then become the 10th classroom.


This is a big achievement for both school and Disley under Fives, and has the support of Cheshire East Council who are going to fund it. This arrangement will meet the needs of the local community and allow pre-school provision to remain on the school site. School will use the hall for lunches, which is a bigger space than the canteen allowing lunch to be served in fewer sittings, and Disley under Fives will have a bigger space with their own separate access to it for parents.


As the long-term changes to the building will have to be done in stages, Disley under Fives will be temporarily moving off-site for a short time. We envisage this to be a few months but cannot yet be precise. This move will take place at some point towards the end of the Summer term. The timings for this have not yet been established but Disley under Fives will keep their parents informed as soon as they are known. They will be then be able to move back into their new space on the school site. KidsZone will be able to remain in the canteen for now, and will then be relocated to a different part of the school once that phase of remodelling commences.


As the plans progress over the coming month or two we will keep you updated on timescales and any practical issues that you may need to be aware of. In the meantime, we hope that you agree that this will give Disley community a long-term solution for all of our families, and is a fantastic achievement.

Kind regards,


Heather Taylor                                              Janette Johnson

Headteacher                                                  Chair of Governors