Disley Primary School

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New access arrangements to school

Dear Parents/Carers,



I am writing to confirm, once and for all, access arrangements for parents and children into school. I am conscious that many parents are feeling confused at the moment by the changes we have had to put in place. I felt it important to explain why these changes have come about so that you understand the school's position. I apologise for the length of this letter but I wanted all parents to be clear about the procedures going forward.

Our first and most important concern is to keep the children safe in school. This is a priority for us. Ofsted would be very concerned if they thought any school was allowing adults into the building without knowing exactly who was in school. Hence we have a signing in and out procedure for all visitors during the day.

Prior to our building work parents were able to use the Community Entrance to walk through the school building as there wasn't direct access to the classrooms at that point. The hall door on that side was kept locked as was the door into Disley under Fives. Any parent walking through the Community Entrance could only access the playground. With the new Main Entrance this is not the case. Parents who come in through this entrance would have access into the classrooms via the back of the hall and the offices. The children come in early now so that they are able to change reading books, change into trainers for the Daily Mile etc. and so there are children walking around school in the corridor behind the hall. The new children’s toilets are also near to the Reception class.

We did not have buggy access into the playground until very recently as the new ramp near to the office block has only just been completed. Until last week the only other access into school for parents with buggies was the old Main Entrance and Covered Way. I appreciate that this was convenient for all parents to get into the playground and a quicker route. However it meant adults coming in and out of school with free access to classrooms. Now that the new entrance is complete we have had to lock the old Main Entrance as it is not possible to monitor which adults are in school from the office side when that door is used.


So, to clarify,

  • No parents to be inside the school building at any time, unless accessing the office via the Main Entrance or needing buggy access
  • Only parents with buggies or certified medical conditions to use access through school via Main Entrance
  • Parents without buggies to access the bottom playground and Reception class via field path and steps
  • New early drop-off times for KS1 and KS2 gives parents more time to drop off at Reception and bottom playground


The term has been a busy one, especially the last two weeks, with many changes due to building work, but we mustn’t lose sight of the improvements this has brought to our school and the fact that the children have coped with the changes brilliantly. Our first priority is always your children. Their safety is of the highest importance and I hope that most parents have seen that. We have children to be very proud of.


The governors will continually look at ways to improve access to school for parents which may avoid having to use the field and steps in the future. But please bear with us as this will not be an imminent change. As I said in last week’s Friday Flyer, I know that the new access arrangements mean parents having to walk a few more steps but I hope that this letter explains our reasons for that.


Can I say once again a huge thank you to all of you for your patience and support with the building work. It is virtually completed now and Disley under Fives will be moving back onto the school site at the end of February we think.


I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2019.


Kind regards,


Heather Taylor