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Letter re: Coronavirus

16th  March 2020


RE: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Updated Information and Advice for Parents and Carers

We are writing to alleviate any concerns you may have in relation to school regarding Coronavirus.  We understand that some of you are feeling anxious about the possible consequences of the virus both on physical health and on your child’s education. We know that the spread and impact of the virus is changing rapidly. The School will continue to monitor the situation and follow closely any changes to the Government’s plan

We will also remain alert to the healthcare information from Public Health England and Cheshire East Local Authority.

The current position is for educational settings to remain open and Disley Primary School will adhere to this recommendation, unless advised otherwise.

We already have robust processes and procedures, and are ready to put additional measures in place as required. Daily updates from the Department for Education provide advice for schools and colleges, and we will implement any recommendations as they arise.

To reinforce existing and emerging preventative strategies in order to ensure that the school can stay open for as long as possible, and to reduce the risk to children and staff with underlying medical conditions, we have taken the following decisions which are in accordance with Local Authority Business Continuity Planning for Coronavirus (COVID-19): Educational Settings:

Reduce potential face-to-face interaction which is not necessary to prevent spread of infection.

Postponement of non-essential assemblies.

Cancellation of all but agreed essential meetings with people from outside of school.

Reduction in parental gatherings in school.

As a result, from Monday 16 March, all assemblies (including the planned KS1 Family Assembly) will be cancelled. Parent/Teacher meetings planned for week commencing 23 March will also be cancelled and further details regarding this will be sent out soon.

Club DP will be open at the moment as usual as it is run by staff who are already in school anyway. This will also be the case for other extra-curricular clubs.

In line with government advice the children are being encouraged to wash their hands regularly using the range of hand washing facilities; which are being monitored by staff on a regular basis throughout the day.

Our hope and intention is that the school will remain open and that the impact on our children’s learning will be minimised. However, in order to be prepared for the eventuality of having to close, we will ensure that all children have work provided for them via the ‘Class Pages’ on the school website.  Please look carefully at these pages and they will be updated daily.

As you know, all children have their own login details and passwords for different platforms i.e. Mathletics. Teachers are working hard making sure that all pupils have access to these. Therefore, staff will be uploading learning activities to our online learning platforms (further detailed information will follow should it be necessary).

We hope that implementing such plans will not be necessary but we will endeavour to ensure that any potential disruption to the children’s education is minimal. We are also reviewing all trips, events, sporting fixtures and visits and will update as and when decisions are made. At present, this will be on a case by case basis.

We ask that parents adhere to the most recent government guidance with regards to anybody who displays symptoms of a new continuous cough and/or a high temperature.

For recent guidance go to:


If any child appears in school with these symptoms, we will phone parents to collect them immediately.


As a school, we will work hard to keep you informed of everything we are doing to keep children and staff safe and to minimise risk.  Any new information will be on the school website.  Please click on to ‘Parents’ and then ‘Latest News’ and messages will also be sent out via our School App.  We will continue to update you as this situation progresses.

Thank you for your continued support and for your understanding.