Disley Primary School

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Key Worker letter immediate action to be taken

19 March 2020


Dear Parents/Carers


As you may already be aware, the Government’s announced yesterday that schools in England are to close tomorrow until we are advised to reopen. You will receive a letter about our arrangements as soon as we have further information.


The Government also requested for schools to stay open for the children of ‘key workers’ (both parents will need to be key workers it seems) and for vulnerable children (either in receipt of an Educational Healthcare Plan or being supported by specific external agencies).


With the information that we currently have, it is our intention that Disley will remain open to provide continuous education for these children. We have just received notification from Cheshire East Local Authority that they require numbers of children from key worker families by 2.00pm. 


The Cabinet Office has identified who qualifies as a ‘key worker’ below:

  • Emergency Service
  • Essential NHS staff
  • Social Workers
  • Military
  • School transport
  • Education/ settings staff
  • Essential Adult Services
  • Food Delivery/Transport


In order to facilitate our planning, if you believe you qualify as a ‘key worker’ AND would like to secure continuous education so that you will be able to continue to go to work, please email the school as soon as possible (but no later than 1.30pm today) to let us know. Please state the following information: Parent Names, Roles and Organisations


We are sorry about the short notice but we have literally just received this information ourselves. (Details of proof of eligibility will follow later.)


Please do not ring school for clarification about the definition of a Key Worker or what the plan will be as this is not at all confirmed at the moment.


Further information for parents/carers of children eligible to claim for Free School Meals will follow later. 


We will continue to keep you updated on any new information as and when we receive it.  Thank you for your ongoing continued support in this very stressful and uncertain time.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Taylor, Mrs Carberry and Mr Nicklin