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Class organisation 2020/21 letter

Please find below a letter which details how classes will be organised for next year.

Thank you.


Class organisation and staffing for 2020/21

Dear Parents/carers,


We are now able to tell you how classes will be organised from September, and where staff will be teaching.  We have had to make a couple of changes due to Miss Sutton being on maternity leave and Miss Barton leaving us in July to take up a new post in a Stockport school. Other staff who will be leaving us in July are Mrs Wilson, Mrs Sleem and Mrs Hartley.  We wish them all the very best for the future and will miss them all here at Disley.    


Class organisation next year will therefore be as follows:

Class/Year group



RGH:  Mrs Grindey (lead teacher & KS1 Team    

           Leader) & Mrs Holden

RB:     Miss Barnes

Year 1/2 Blue

Mrs Carberry & Mrs Newton

Year 1/2 Yellow

Mrs Jardine

Year 1/2 Red

Mr Emsley 

(Miss Sutton on maternity leave until Feb 2021)

Year 3/4A

Miss Adamson (Team Leader)

Year 3/4R

Mr Robinson

Year 3/4HH

Mrs Harrison & Mr Helliwell

Year 5/6K

Miss Kemp (Team Leader)

Year 5/6R

Mrs Robinson

Year 5/6N

Mr Nicklin


It has been a very different year in school this year and we feel that when the children return to their new classes in September we need to try and minimise the disruption for them.  Therefore, instead of mixing the Year 2 and Year 4 groups up as we normally do, and swapping Year 1, 3 and 5 groups to a different teacher, we are going to keep the children in their same class year groups and minimise any teacher changes as much as we can.  The current Reception children will be split into three groups and join one of the Key Stage 1 classes.  Parents of Reception children will be getting an individual email telling you which class your child will be moving up to.


So, in September the children in Years 1 to 5 will move as follows:

Current year group

Moving to…(Class and Teacher)

Year 1 Blue

Year 1/2 Blue (Mrs Carberry & Mrs Newton)

Year 1 Yellow

Year 1/2 Yellow (Mrs Jardine)

Year 1 Red

Year 1/2 Red (Mr Emsley)

Year 2 Blue

Year 3/4R (Mr Robinson)

Year 2 Yellow

Year 3/4A (Miss Adamson)

Year 2 Red

Year 3/4HH (Mrs Harrison & Mr Helliwell)

Year 3 Mr Robinson

Year 3/4R (Mr Robinson)

Year 3 Mrs Jardine/Miss Barton

Year 3/4A (Miss Adamson)

Year 3 Mrs Harrison/Mr Helliwell

Year 3/4HH (Mrs Harrison/Mr Helliwell)

Year 4 Mr Robinson

Year 5/6R (Mrs Robinson)

Year 4 Mrs Jardine/Miss Barton

Year 5/6N (Mr Nicklin)

Year 4 Mrs Harrison/Mr Helliwell

Year 5/6K (Miss Kemp)

Year 5 Miss Kemp

Year 5/6K (Miss Kemp)

Year 5 Mrs Robinson

Year 5/6R (Mrs Robinson)

Year 5 Mr Nicklin

Year 5/6N (Mr Nicklin)


We hope that by keeping the children in their current and familiar groups and minimising any change of teacher, they will be in the best place to start the new year with staff that are familiar with them and their achievements.


Class teachers will be  posting a short “meet the teacher” video on the appropriate class pages on the school website at the end of this week as a way of saying hello to their new class.  Some children will be having the same teacher of course, but we are sure that they will still enjoy seeing their teacher.  You will find them on the class page for the class your child will be in from September. i.e Year 2 children look at the Year 3/4 page.


We would like to thank you all for your support this year, particularly during the current challenging situation for all schools. We must not lose sight of the fact we are in a pandemic and have faced very different situations this year.  We have always tried to do our best for our children and families over the past four months.  We would like to wish you and your family all the very best for the Summer break and hope that you can stay safe.



Kind regards,


Heather Taylor and Louise Carberry