Disley Primary School

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Forest School

For information about our Forest School, please read the handbook below.

The Year 5 and 6 children have build an amazing shelter and enjoyed toasting marshmallows and using fire steels.

This week the children learnt how to make their own shelters and made bird nests that had to protect an egg when dropped from height.

The Year 5 and 6 children enjoyed playing a trust game, whittling, using clay and making shelters.

The Year 3 and 4 children have been busy making leaf prints, weaving and building dens. We also had a cat join our session today.

The EYFS children have been busy making journey sticks and using a tools to whittle sticks.

The children have been busy improving the area by building a semi-permanent tarp shelter. They also played a fun game of hunt the humless.

The children enjoyed toasting marshmallows and cooking popcorn over an open fire.

Springtime has arrived and the children have been busy making games, whittling, gardening, weaving and building shelters.

Winter Clothing.

Forest school sessions take place in all weather, apart from high winds. In order for children to enjoy the sessions, it is important that they wear the correct clothing. During the winter we would suggest the following: warm hat, gloves,  base layer, fleece, waterproof jacket, trousers, waterproof over trousers, warm socks and boots. Wellies are most suitable and additional footwear should be changed into when back indoors. Please have a look at the photos below to see the type of clothing children wear. 

The Year 3 and 4 children made these amazing Tree Spirits.

Some of the children used a sheath knife to whittle a stick.

The Year 3 and 4 children enjoyed making bird feeders and building nests.

Den building is great fun and encourages teamwork.

The children used whittling skills to make Santa sticks and enjoyed balancing on the slack line.

This picture was taken by our wildlife camera in the Forest School area.

Here are some photos from a recent session. The children enjoyed going on a leaf hunt, making leaf soup in the mud kitchen , making music and building dens. The children enjoyed making hedgehog pictures and climbing a rope.

Whittling skills using a sheath knife and picture frames at the after school club

leaf angels.

Using a slack to balance.

Using a fire steel.