Disley Primary School

Proud to Belong

Committee Membership


Finance Committee

Chair of Committee: Matthew Day

Committee Members: Janette Johnson, Lee McClelland, Jake Nicklin, Gregor Purves, Maek Ross, Carole Stone


Premises Working Group (Reporting to Finance)

Chair of Committee: 

Committee Members: Gaynor Marshall, Carole Stone


Curriculum  & Standards Committee

Chair of Committee: Janette Johnson

Committee Members: Sarah Bunnage, Louise Carberry, Zoe Lofthouse, Katherine Newman, Jake Nicklin


HR & Personnel Committee

Chair of Committee: Janette Johnson

Committee Members: Jake Nicklin, Vincent Petrykowski, Mark Ross


Safeguarding Committee

Chair: Janette Johnson

Group Members: Sarah Bunnage, Gaynor Marshall, Louise Carberry, Penny Robinson, Mike Barber, Jake Nicklin


School Strategy Committee

Chair: Janette Johnson 

Group Members: Mike Barber, Louise Carberry, Matthew Day, Jake Nicklin, Vincent Petrykowski, Gregor Purves


Statutory Committees

Disley Governing Board has 3 further statutory committees that meet as necessary for performance management, discipline and appeals.