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Year 1/2 Blue

Can you believe that the Summer Term is here already!


Our new topic for this term is :






If you have any books or resources relating to our new topic it would be brilliant if you could bring them into school for us to share.

You may have books about 'Superheroes' -  Make sure that any books that you bring in have your name in them so that we can keep them safe in school.


To find out more about our new topic please look at our topic web right at the bottom of this page.  Just click on the link.


Other information that will help you in Blue class:




Look carefully at all of the phonics sounds that we will be working on throughout the year. 

They are in phase order and the more you work on these sounds the better your reading, spelling and will become.













Reminder time:

We have PE on Thursday and games on Wednesday so please remember to bring your PE kit in on these days.  You can leave your kit in the cloakroom area in the classroom.

Don't forget to bring your water bottle into school each day and remember to sip lots of water throughout the day.  This will help to keep you healthy and will also help you to concentrate with your work.

Also, please
remember to bring your book bag with your reading book and contact book in each day.


Mrs Carberry and Mrs Newton are so proud of your amazing behaviour on our trip to Peak Wildlife Park.  You made us feel very proud.

We had a fantastic day.

Here are some of the photos:













Land and Sea Topic Web

Superheroes Topic Web