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Committee Membership


Finance Committee

Chair of Committee: Matthew Day

Committee Members: Michael Clark, Janette Johnson Gregor Purves, Heather Taylor, Karen Tomlinson, Bridget Jones


Premises Committee

Chair of Committee: Gaynor Marshall

Committee Members:  Heather Taylor, Harold Davenport, Zoe Lofthouse, Michael Clark, Bridget Jones, Wilf Burgess


Curriculum Committee

Chair of Committee: Sue McCaldon

Committee Members: Heather Taylor, Gaynor Marshall, Margaret Owens, Karen Tomlinson, Louise Carberry, Lesley Kincey, Matthew Day, Zoe Lofthouse, Amy Mayell


Personnel Committee

Chair of Committee: Karen Tomlinson

Committee Members: Heather Taylor, Margaret Owens, Frank Berry, Lesley Kincey, Sue McCaldon


Safeguarding Group

Chair: Helen McCaldon

Group Members: Karen Tomlinson, Margaret Owens, Heather Taylor, Gaynor Marshall, Louise Carberry, Amy Mayell


School Strategy Group:

Chair: Michael Clark

Group Members: Heather Taylor, Louise Carberry  Sue McCaldon, Matthew Day, Karen Tomlinson, Gaynor Marshall, Helen McCaldon


Statutory Committees

Disley Governing Board has 3 further statutory committees that meet as necessary for performance management, discipline and appeals.