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Areas of Special Resposibilities


General guide for governors with special areas of responsibilities

·           To liaise with the appropriate member(s) of staff

·           To visit the school with the purpose of gathering information concerning their area of responsibility and to increase their knowledge of the School. Arrangements for school visits to be made in advance with HT.

·           To regularly report to the Governing Body, the Strategy Group, or delegated Committee, whichever the Governing Body deems most appropriate, on developments and progress within their area of responsibility

·           To raise the profile of the area of responsibility when related matters are considered by the Governing Body

·           To attend training as appropriate


Area of Special Responsibility


Reporting To:

Training Liaison Governor


Helen McCaldon




Safeguarding/ Child Protection Governor



Helen McCaldon



SG group

SEND Governor


Janette Johnson

Curriculum Committee

Vulnerable Children:

Pupil Premium, LAC Governor


Lesley Kincey


Curriculum Committee

Health and Safety Governor


Gaynor Marshall


Premises Committee

Literacy Governors


Sue McCaldon


Amy Mayell

Curriculum Committee


ICT Governor


Matthew Day

Curriculum and Finance Committees

Monitoring Governors: 

Pupil Voice, Equality and British Values


Margaret Owens

Sue McCaldon

Helen McCaldon


Curriculum and Safeguarding Committees


Science Governor


Gregor Purves

Curriculum Committee